Accommodation in the UK

There is a wide range of accommodation available for travellers in the UK. The cheapest places to stay are youth hostels, where dormitories and facilities are usually shared.

Also in a budget price range – although cost can vary considerably – are bed and breakfasts. These establishments, where guests have their own room and are served breakfast in what is generally a family home, cover the gap between cheap hostels and small hotels, and can be a comfortable way to see a small town or village. Many farms offer B&B accommodation, for those seeking an authentic rural experience.

Hotels range from budget to luxury standard and can offer anything from cheap overnight accommodation to luxury all-day spa treatments. Some chains offer hotels throughout the country, but there are also large numbers of independent properties.

If you prefer to live and cook independently, you can find self-catering cottages, houses and apartments through the UK, although they are most common in the countryside and in particular ‘honeypot’ areas, such as Cornwall.